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Our Story

Truffles N Bacon Cafe® is a story of how two women followed their passion for food, love of community and a dream,was turned into reality.  In the early 2000s, we had a vision of opening a café. A place where people could converge and can enjoy a tasteful meal.  Nothing fancy, nothing over-rated, nothing mind-blowing, just something that will make you smile after taking that first bite.  

Truffles N Bacon Cafe® officially opened our 30-seater cafe in 2014 inside an unassuming antique market in Las Vegas.  A year later, we decided to take a leap of faith and built a 91-seat cafe, offering American comfort food with a twist. 

We believe food should be fun.  We are not afraid to think outside of the box and experiment with different ingredients that wake up your palette.  We have no strict rules about what goes with what or when you should eat them.  Who’s to stop you from having breakfast at 3PM if that’s what you feel like having or eating Mac N Cheese for breakfast?  We have no rules. 

The fun starts in our open kitchen where simple things like bacon jam and tomato compote bring an elevated flavor to a basic sandwich.  Our inspiration actually comes from ideas of our regular clients.  The likes of Heather’s Choice or The Rawlins were creations of real people not ready to be dictated or be limited by a menu.  Even main stream media, The Food Network’s Ginormous Food Show, curiously took notice of our unconventional thinking and chimed in to help create The Belly Of The Beast.  

It is the same creativity and boldness that has allowed us to grow to be part of the local community where we’ve seen babies turn into toddlers, youngsters into teenagers and on a few occasions, even be part of weddings.  Truffles N Bacon Café® is always home to happy hungry clients.  

Our Team